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Overall view

If you are a full denture holder you certainly feel an ill-fitting in your mouth while you are eating, drinking or speaking. Your denture raises up and moves continuously.

However, even if your denture is perfect, it can never replace your own teeth.

The upper denture has a large support area in mouth that lean mainly against the palate to create a kind of vacuum. The lower denture fastening depends on several factors such as muscles, tongue and the  lip lower support. As soon as the lower prothesis moves, which is sooner or later  inevitable, a gap is created between the gum and the denture, toppling forward the denture.

Holding a denture several years leads to a shrinking gum, ending up to ill-fitted and unsettled dentures. Ultra Suction™ is able to remedy to this issue.  It  improves  noticeably a denture setting. You could recover the pleasure of eating, drinking and speaking.

Ultra Suction       Ultra Suction

How Ultra Suction™ works?

A sucking chamber is created underneath your denture. Then, two tiny Ultra Suction™  valves are inserted in your denture When you hold your denture and bite firmly, the clasped air between your gum and your denture is expelled through the valves.

Conclusion : a better fitting of your device with respect to your gum and a much more stable denture, giving a sense of good fastening into your mouth.  

To remove your denture, you have simply to raise it up.  

Ultra Suction™ can be fitted by your dentist, your denturologist or your prothesist on your existing dentures or during the shaping of your new dental prothesis. 

When is Ultra Suction™ recommended 

Generally, if you are wearing a full denture, Ultra Suction™ should improve considerably your denture stability leading to a better setting in your mouth.

In most cases, upper dentures have a closed palate. With Ultra Suction™, your dentist, your denturologist or your  prothesist will be able to reduce the resin palate size improving your phonetic and sense of taste.

However, before inserting Ultra Suction™, it is recommended to consult your  dentist, your denturologist or your  prothesist .


Ultra Suction™
must be fitted to your denture by  your  dentist, your denturologist or your  prothesist. Don’t ever try to mend or modify or adjust it by yourself, you could damage both your denture and your Ultra Suction™.

Ultra Suction       Ultra Suction

The kit consists of : 2 Ultra Suction™ valves that can be fitted on an upper or lower denture. (1kit UltraSuction™ = 1 denture)