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SleepStrip - Technology


SleepStrip® offers a simple, modern and reliable  solution for an accurate analysis of the sleep apnea syndroma (SAS). The system accuracy has been confirmed by international leaders. SleepStrip® is a comprehensive system "all in one" and needs no additional accessories. The results are directly read  on waking up the next morning, on the permanent digital display of the SleepStrip®.

How the SleepStrip® works
  1. Three miniprobes watch over the patient breathing for the whole night.  
  2. The integrated microprocessor analyses breathing samples and works out every apnea and hypoapnea.
  3. The next morning a total value is calculated. This value will be represented by a figure that will be permanently registered on the SleepStrip display.  This figure could not be interpreted by  ImpexBO Sàrl or any other approved dealer.

Advantages of the SleepStrip® :

  1. It is a home made study in the natural sleep environment of the patient.
  2. It is much easier to handle, and is a disposable test.
  3. It is cheap.
  4. It gives an accurate diagnostic, comparable with sleep laboratories results.
  5. Small and easy to use.
  6. It gives fast and permanent results, without any additional accessories.