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Snoring and apnea consequences

1. Matrimonial relation and dissension.  Snoring loudly could disrupt the sleep of the snorer himself and/or the sleep of his/her bed partner. It could lead to marital conflicts, sleeping in separate rooms  or couple parting. 

2. Heart attack, high blood pressure, even death.  Various research confirm that people suffering from sleep apnea have to face higher risks of high blood pressure and heart attacks. It is assessed that 7'000 people die yearly in Switzerland due to obstructive sleep apnea.

3. Industrial and road accidents caused by drowsiness and daytime tiredness. People affected by obstructive sleep apnea, compared to the general population, have three times more probability to induce a road accident, and seven times more probability to induce several road accidents. A snorer bed partner is also subjected to high risks of traffic accidents due to tiredness of abrupt sleep.

4. Loss of productivity at home and at workplace due to drowsiness during day time and lack of refreshing sleep.

5. Nervous breakdown due to lack of productivity, conflicts etc…