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BiteStrip - Instructions



1. Clean your face with soap and water or use the alcohol-soaked wipe.

2. Take out the BiteStrip® and the green sticker from their envelope and the wipes from the box.

3. Take out the soked wipes from their envelope and rub the display area (diagram 1).

4. Take off the white paper covering the green sticker and press firmly the sticker onto the display area (diagram 2) . A red LED indicator will flash on and off (diagram 3).

5. Lay your hand on your left cheek, clench tightly your teeth to locate the contraction point of the jaw muscle. There you must apply the BiteStrip®.

6. Take off the protective layer on the  BiteStrip® backside and press firmly the device on your cheek (diagram 4). The red LED indicator will stop flashing after a few seconds.

7. In front of a mirror, clench your teeth as tightly as you can for 2 seconds and relax. Repeat three times. The LED indicator will flash for each contraction.

8. We wish you goodnight!

9. When you wake up, remove slowly the BiteStrip® from your face. After a while, the LED indicator will switch on. Remove the green sticker only if your doctor has recommended it. Data are gathered and analysed within the hour.

10. Put the BiteStrip® onto the provided place, fill in the questionnaire and send the whole to  Impexbo Sàrl so that we can analyse it and give you back the result.